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    Kosovo Indipendence Similarities

    Posted by franksupa on September 16, 2008

    Recent developments in Georgia and the possible similarities between the independence of Kosovo and those of South Ossetia and Abkhazia have seized the attention of the media and Kosovar Albanians in recent days. Immediately after the recognition of independence by the Russian authorities and statements on the parallelism between the two cases have taken the reactions of Albanian leaders in Albania and Kosovo, and the media have published editorials and analyses, which are found mainly on same wavelength trying to deny any kind of analogy.

    The official position of Pristina was expressed publicly by the vice Premier Hajredin Kuqi. “As stated at the time of the proclamation of its independence, Kosovo is a generis case that can not serve as a precedent to none. Russia is acting according to a logic of the Cold War, “said Kuqi. The same position was taken in several press conferences by Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who, in addition to underline the fact that South Ossetia Abkhazia one hand and Kosovo are the other results of two different stories and not comparable , Used very harsh words to condemn the position taken by Moscow and its allies.

    Berisha has reacted with disappointment as the publication of a long list of countries that have supplied arms to Georgia, which also included Albania. “Russia attacks and take advantage of the smaller countries,” said Berisha, inter alia, causing the reaction dell’ambasciatore Russian Tirana, Aleksandr Priscepov, who defined the position of Berisha as well as emotional, and not to be taken into account “, while” Russia wants to really improve its relations with Albania “. Criticism zealous Berisha has caused amazement and have been compared by more than one analyst as identical to those of Enver Hoxha of Albania when alone and isolated criticizing everything and everybody. While the Kosovar leaders were rather cautious in their statements, the Albanian premier has spoken on several occasions strongly against any possibility to compare the two cases.

    In the first pages of newspapers and Kosovar Albanians appeared titles as “Kosovo is different”, “You can not compare Kosovo “, “Kosovo sui generis” and “No similarities.” The editorial published many of which included English-speaking media, aimed to demonstrate that Kosovo can not be considered as a precedent to the independence of separatist regions in Georgia. It is pointed mainly on finding similarities type only formal between the two cases, such separatism, the attack by Russia if the Russian-Georgian and by the Born in’99 in the case of Kosovo, or in recognition of a new state without going through the UN Security Council.

    But were highlighted substantial differences with regard to human rights violations in Kosovo, which according to many, despite the allegations of Kremlin, were at a level much lower in South Ossetia, and about the legal past of Kosovo, with ‘ then abolished autonomy of Kosovo by Milosevic, other than the status of the Caucasian region. Much space was also given geopolitical importance of the Caucasus, which transforms the last move of the Kremlin in a geopolitical scope what happened in Kosovo.

    The arguments were very similar between different analysts and politicians in Albania and Kosovo. “To support the independence of Kosovo were the major Western democracies, while in the case of the Caucasus was only Russia, a state that can not be called fully democratic,” says Bashkim Muça on the pages of Kosovar daily “Koha Ditore” without sparing a critical tone against dell’élite Kosovo for not having reacted appropriately to the events of recent weeks. “There is no parallelism between Saakashvili of Georgia and Serbia of Milosevic,” then Muça. With regard to the geopolitical aspect, the analyst argues that Kosovo “in Georgia will face two superpowers,” leaving that the importance of Kosovo in this field is not even remotely close to that of Caucasian region.

    On the pages of the newspaper tirane “Shqip,” the analyst Albanian Kastriot Islami argues that Russia has exploited the case not Kosovo as a precedent, but as an instrument of revenge against all states that have recognized. “Probably there is some parallel between the intervention of NATO and that of Russia,” writes Islami, “but Saakashvili has no conscience on genocide or serious human rights violations, as Milosevic in’99.”

    In several talk shows, went on air on TV Albano one more followed, many analysts have questioned whether with its recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Russia does not have indirectly recognized the right of Kosovo to be independent. Someone commented that with the events in the Caucasus Russia has abandoned Serbia, showing indifferent to the interests of its small ally. “Russia no longer has an excuse with which to justify its positions on Kosovo” said Mentor Nazarko in the pages of “Shqip.” Same idea is also the opinion-Kosovar Lulzim Peci: “Now it became obvious that the support of Russia to Serbia was part of political game. Now Russia has lost credibility. ”

    In Albania and Kosovo was discussed a lot about the consequences of the eruption of Georgian question could have on recognition and further affirmation of Kosovo with the international community. In Albania does not lack those who fear a further slowdown in the process of recognition, or that this is even called into question, while in Kosovo are prevalsi optimistic tone and confidence in Western support. “We need to see if Kosovo Ossetia el’Abkhazia have the same weight geopolitical game on the table of great powers,” he commented about Mentor Nazarko.

    In Kosovo, however, any similarities are thinking beyond the schemes discussed so far. During a conference held in the last day of August in Pristina, with the theme “Kosovo and Arab states”, Veton Surroi, known Kosovar analyst, commented: “In fact there is room for similarities, but not between Kosovo and Ossetia South. There is fear that what happened to Georgia with Ossetia, could happen in Kosovo with North Mitrovica. ”


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