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    Posted by franksupa on September 16, 2008

    The Arab countries aim to Islamism the Balkans starting from Albania. Under indictment “primarily” Suadi Arabia. The project for the construction of two thousand mosques in the country proceeds quickly: there are fears that Arabs speculums on poverty Albanian establish a fundamentalist fifth column in Europe
    Party in 1996, today more than ten years since its launch is coming to an end the project, so dear to Muslim countries in Asia, led by Saudi Arabia, Islamism Albania, the poor southern state Adriatic sea which should be in the delirium of Islamic fanaticism the starting point for the “recapture” of Europe, a continent where the followers of Mohammed were largely driven out in the fifteenth century, especially on the Queen of Spain, and from where disappeared almost permanently at the beginning of the twentieth century, when the Balkans is one from the domain turkish. Taking advantage of poverty in the proverbial “Land of Eagles” in a subtle first, then increasingly the rich emirs of the Persian Gulf have begun to convince people Albanians to accept their certainly not used for purposes of charity but with a end clear: to be in Albania a sort of fifth column of Islam in his pilgrimage to conquer the Old Continent.
    The war in Kosovo was paradigmatic in this sense: most of the so-called “patriots” Kosovars were financed the acquisition of weapons and their equipment with of Saudi princes who also financed the construction of the Great Mosque of Shkodra, now complete. The awards uncritical then made by most of the European Union to the new state entity has further encouraged Arab states that now, even using their secret services, are and the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina to end the existence of that nation, laboriously created after the Dayton Agreement. The Christian church, both Catholic-Orthodox greek that, having underestimated the problem is now aware of the danger and raised the alarm. It is no secret that among the advocates the growth of Islam in the Balkans there are several well extremists willing to lead the Holy War against the infidel West. In some countries of Central Europe, as in Slovakia and Romania this danger is this so well that the governments of Bratislava and Bucharest well have refrained from recognizing the independence of Kosovo. Even in Italy, despite the various parties of right and left have rushed to recognize the independence of Pristina is increasing awareness of danger, especially after that, with some blitz of Police (such as that over the past days in Bologna) was found that in our country citizens immigrants from various Islamic countries are conducting a work of proselytism aimed to train paramilitaries to be sent to Afghanistan or Iraq to carry out terrorist acts against Western troops there present. Some of those arrested had a history of guerrillas in Bosnia or Kosovo, although not ever been citizens of the former Yugoslavia or Albania. Many priests and nuns in the poor country that faces the channel of Otranto tell us that while among young Albanian women spreading a certain sympathy for Christianity, among men over 18 years the message of Islam is winning . Probably, however, because the Koran gives women a subordinate role in line with that under the kanun the medieval text of laws oral Albanian still followed in arrears villages campaign.
    Release done and deprived of any sense of ethics from the dictatorship of Enver Hoxa, the Albanian population, in almost all atheist, is facing severe tests of simple physical existence and was by malicious message that came from Arab countries whose emissaries promised their money and wealth in exchange for the willingness to embrace Islam. Needless to say, many have fallen into the trap. Europe is now called upon to intervene decisively, permanently anchoring the wing Albania Western civilization and its principles. It is his own survival if not will one day find themselves Muslims under the walls of Vienna as already happened in the past.


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