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    Albania Green Enviorment

    Posted by franksupa on September 18, 2008

    Albania green enviorment

    A central biomass liquid, two wind farms and a marine of 1000 megawatts designed to connect to the transmission network, Italian green energy produced in Albania. The programagreement between the Italian government and the Albanian led the Group Marseglia to invest in Albania, in the region of Lezhe, for a project in the energy sector, which is’ expected to be presented to the Fair east on the initiative of the Region Puglia next Thursday ‘September 18. The project already ‘authorized by the Manager of the transmission system (Ost) and by energy sector regulator (Ere) Albanians, now and’ undergoing final approval by the Albanian Government. The initiative involves the construction of a power station fuelled by liquid biomass power of 140 megawatts with an investment of around 150 million euros and two wind farms power of 234 megawatts with an investment of almost 250 million euros for a total , Plants producing green energy, 400 million euros. In collaboration with Terna spa, the project is completed by the interconnection of networks of high voltage from Italy to Albania via submarine cables, laid for 300 km in the Adriatic Sea between the coast of Puglia and Albania for an investment of about 600 million euros . The total investment for the first project organized by the Albanian Group Marseglia, sara ‘and then about 1 billion euros. For inclusion on the Italian network of energy transported by submarine, Terna has identified a technical solution connection providing connection to the national transmission grid through a new power station sorting north of Puglia. And ‘being Terna entrustment to the task of executing the design, aimed also access permissions ministerial and regional authorities. The operation of the facility will require ‘the training of qualified technical personnel. For this and ‘planned a period of training of engineers and workers Albanians in Italy, in establishments Group Marseglia; after training will be integrated in their installations Albanians. (ANSA). ZG


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