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    Albanian building collapse

    Posted by franksupa on November 11, 2008

    The first victim, a 65-year-old woman was pulled out on Monday morning.

    According to the Ministry of Interior, a woman and her 12-year-old daughter are still believed to be under the debris.

    Emergency crews, firefighters and police launched a rescue mission after an apartment building where 30 families lived collapsed on Sunday.
    So far four people have been taken to the local hospital.

    “There is still hope that someone will be found alive,” said Alfred Olli, Albania’s head of Civil Emergencies Agency.

    According to the Ministry of Interior, construction work on a new building at the base of the hill – where the apartment block is located – may have caused the collapse. The owners of the construction firm have been placed under arrest.

    Speaking at the scene after arriving from Tirana, Prime Minister Sali Berisha asked for a thorough investigation.

    “Those responsible should be brought to justice,” said Berisha, adding that for now the authorities were concentrating on the rescue operation.

    Real estate has been booming in Albania for a decade. Price increases were fuelled by strong domestic demand, availability of mortgage loans, fast-flowing remittances from family members working abroad and a strong migratory trend from rural to urban areas.

    Nowhere domestically has the economic buoyancy yielded greater change than in the property market, with the construction industry accounting for 47 per cent of overall economic activity in 2006.

    However, the fast pace of growth, coupled with weak state institutions and corruption, has reduced oversight on constriction sites.

    The local office of the watchdog group Transparency International stated on Sunday that the incident was the result of lack of regulations and weak enforcement of existing rules in the construction industry because of corruption.

    The local media reported that the inhabitants of the collapsed building had continually complained about the construction and had even had filed a suit against the developers of the new building.

    Morning shows in TV stations were filled with calls from people reporting similar situations.

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    Three killed in Albania’s apartment building collapse

    Posted by franksupa on November 11, 2008

    TIRANA, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) — Three people were killed in Sunday’s apartment building collapse in a southern Albanian city, local media reported on Monday.

    Rescue workers on Monday dug out three bodies from the rubble of the collapsed building in Gjirokastra, 225 kilometers south of the capital city of Tirana.

    The victims are a 65-year-old woman, a little girl aged 13 and her 38-year-old mother, Albania’s TV network News 24 said.

    The five-story building partially collapsed on Sunday morning. More than 20 people have also been injured in the collapse.

    It was believed that the collapse have been caused by construction work on an adjacent apartment building. The chief of Gjirokastra’s city planning office and four people from the construction company have been detained in the case, police said.

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    Posted by franksupa on May 23, 2008

    Quiliano. Two young Albanians were arrested by the carabinieri of Savona while travelling on board a car to Valleggia. During an ordinary control, men dell’Arma have the document given to them by one of two non-was false. At that point Ermil Mucai, 27 years, devoid of residence permits, tried to flee but was immediately blocked. It ‘been arrested for breach of the law Bossi – Fini and false proof of identity. His compatriot, GR, 28 years, was terminated because he was driving the half with a false licence.

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    Albanian In Italy

    Posted by franksupa on May 23, 2008

    In Italy the Albanians have entered very well and there are no particular problems.” This was said today in Rome Msgr. Rrok Mirdita, president of the Episcopal Conference of Albania during a meeting of bishops Albanians with the Fondazione Migrantes. The inclusion of Albanians in the Italian Church – said Don Pasquale Ferraro, coordinator of pastoral care of migrants Albanians – was “particularly cured with a pastoral sensitivity that has been increasingly affinandosi.” P. Gianromano Gnesotto, director of the Bureau for the pastoral care of migrants of Migrantes, recalled that the Albanians, with about 380 thousand people, are in third place for presence, with “a success regarding the paths of integration.” “We are working here and in Albania, for a common cause, is fighting a peaceful battle on two fronts closely linked together here and across the Adriatic,” said Bishop then. Piergiorgio Saviola, director general of the Foundation Migrantes. For Msgr. Saviola to the “Summit of our attention and our pastoral work is the desire that their migration experience becomes an experience of the Church, thanks to the many services on charitable and welfare plan, to facilitate their integration in Italy.”

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