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    Albanain Aritists

    Posted by franksupa on September 4, 2008

    December 2004

    * ALBANIA THE SURPRISE EDI RAMA (article on “Panorama” – nr.52 of 23-12-2004
    When the revolution is’ penelli career with the mayor of Tirana – Edi Rama, 40 years, loves definisri artist. Painter, a former professor of fine arts at Tirana … click here

    * Books: foreign authors for Albania
    Avvinto by the Spirit of Caramel la Rosa. The witness of love of the priest Ettore Cunial in queto book of 2003 with Editor: Stilo .. click here
    * The editors of the journal Telematics & Near New Age reported heading dedicated to the artist
    Arben Idrizi here …
    * Books
    “The Bride of waters” by Gino Luka and ‘an interesting collection of fairy tales bilingual Albanian / Italian in which boys Italians and other cultures’ live’ the current base our school can find stimulating food for thought and discussion. .. click here

    * “EIA EGNATIA” Show personal ARTAN SHABANI
    Museo dell’Automobile Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia “Turin – Italy
    ( 21 October 2004 to 9 January 2005 … click here

    * December 19, 2004
    Palazzo dei Bergamaschi, org. by Art & Inves in two rooms, two exhibitions: “Bodies of the soul” and “Colors of the Mediterranean”. In the second room the young MILOT, Albanian artist, who, after their success at Maschio Angioino, presents for the first time in Rome the last work. A young talent who studied at Brera and is considered a great promise .. click here

    * December 2004
    Rrok Jakaj – A great pain for relatives and friends, a great loss for the Albanian art in the world!
    . click here

    * 4-10 December, 2004
    Tirana – ALBANIA – INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF SHORT FILM by FAMA (Foundation Art & Media Albania) click here

    * Monfalcone – December 7, 2004
    Concert by the Quartet for Strings of the Tirana at 21.00 at the Auditorium of the Institute of Music A. Vivaldi, via G. Galilei 93 / A – Monfalcone. In Program Music by C. Zadeja, F. Schubert, P. I. Chaikowsky. Event organized by the musical “A. Vivaldi” of Monfalcone in collaboration with the Academy of Arts of Tirana (Albania), the Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Province of Gorizia and the Municipality of Monfalcone … click here


    * Rome – 28 November 2004
    The association of the Albanians “Iliria” organizes Theatre “Orion” (Rome) 10:30 hours – Concert with the participation of artists Albanians: Ferdinand Bjanku here ..

    * “National League of associations and arberesh Albanians in Italy”

    At the 2,150 th anniversary of the death of the Great King of Illyria, King Genzio, the upcoming November 2004, the “National League of associations and arberesh Albanians in Italy”, with the patronage of the Consulate General of the Republic of Albania to Milan, is organising a commemorative pilgrimage to the mausoleum that houses the remains of Genzio of Illyria.
    click here …

    * Genoa recalled Albert – Commemoration to Galata Museo del Mare.
    Genoa – Monday, November 8, at the Galata Museum of the Sea held a ceremony to commemorate Albert Kolgjegja, the worker of Albanian nationality lost his life in the tragic collapse that occurred in the building Museo del Mare, on 8 November 2003 . click here ..

    * Do ‘part of the series “Verbamundi” of publishing “Besa” the book “ALBANIA TODAY” with author Vito Lacirignola here ..

    * The association Italo-Albanian “Friendship” during the celebrations in November: Concert, November 21, hours near the beach Rimini-Riccione … Info

    * Zafina Vasa, art gallery, biography of the artist here

    * 6 November 2004
    Koncerto of Albanian singer and instrumentalist Ferdinand Bjanku in Rocca di Papa (Romaa) – Areas of Hannibal, at 16:00 hours. “The party of the people” a great activity that brings artists staged here …


    * Throughout the month of October 2004 and ‘left open the exhibition “I love the art of small Albanian artist Jon Babatinca, in the sphere of Richview library – Toronto – Canada .. click here ..
    * “Miss Albania in Italy”
    The September 25, 2004, in Room 700 of ‘Auditorim Rome and’ was crowned the first “Miss” Albanians in Italy. It’s called Gentjan Totraku, 23 years, born in Lissus (Lezhe) … click here
    * For collectors
    It ‘been put on the market the book “History of Scanderbeg” Marin Barleti edition, published in the Italian language to age of the Venetian Republic, as far back as 1554. It is said that the book and taking very well, the cover in leather with the same old book here …


    * The Association of Albanians in the Province of Rimini “ILIRIA” also this year in the second edition of the “Marathon of peoples” in Tirana in memory of the great Santa Albanian Mother Teresa ( “Mother Teresa Memorial Run”) here ..
    * Under the patronage of the Province of Puglia, the town of Lecce and Section of Albanian to Rome. Celestini exhibited at Palazzo di Lecce September 12, 2004 the painter Artan Shabani. Expected participation of the Albanian writer Fatos Kongoli ….. click here
    * Books
    From libraries Italian a new book to read: Stigmate – Vrage with author: Hajdari Gezim here …

    * EXPO
    International exhibition in Madrid where the artist partcipa Albanian Alban Meka. International ArtExpo NONSTOP.MADRID.04 here …

    * Music
    Rock Arberesh – Peppa Marriti Band: “It is the nature of Arbëresh cheerful: love conviti and entertainment, and with ispecialità is dilettano de ‘their dances. They used to go hill swords in hand singing songs …”… You here


    * Books
    BY COUNTRY OF AQUILE – Publishing: Besa 204 pages hosting the works of great authors Albanians from KADARE, AGOLLI here …

    * III edition of National Competition Journalistic on-line Lidhja Award 2004 “, promoted by the” Research Center Socio-Cultural G. Kastriota “, the magazine Italo-greek-Albanian” Lidhja “, and the International Library” A. Bellusci “Frascineto here …
    * Artan Shabani – exposes the Palazzo del Capitano to BATHROOM OF ROMAGNA (FC) from Saturday until August 7 to Sunday, August 29. The Exhibition of art organised by ‘Department of Culture of Bagno di Romagna and sponsored by the Councillorship Culture in the province of Forli-Cesena in collaboration with the Galleria Pugliese of’ Art Florence here ..

    * Authors foreigners:
    Mario Rigoni Stern “share Albania” A year of war and two military campaigns in France and in Albania: the discovery of hunger, of sadness without a fight here because …
    * Music
    Spasulati Band – the genre of Spasulati and ‘certainly unique, sort of mixture of allegrissimo reggae-ska contaminated with the culture arbereshe and can’ be seen as a personal interpretation of patchanka, but in Albanian sauce (arbereshe) here ..


    * July 21
    FAMA (Foundation Art Media Albania) and Film Archive of Albanian organised “Tribute to Marlon Brando for” Viva Zapata “in environments AQFSH in Tirana (Albania) … click here

    * Dance and Musicadal 21 to 24 July 2004
    3 Edition “Porto San Giorgio in DANCING” Holiday / Stage Academy GISELLE Dance and Music with the patronage of the Municipality of Porto San Giorgio (AP) Italy ….. click here
    * Italy – Venice: July 7 at Palazzo delle Prigioni at 19:00 – Shows Art Artan Shabani “Water and the Balkans’ in the sea of Venice” with the patroncinio Veneto Region, City of Venice and Embassy of the Republic d ‘ Albania to Italy here …..

    * The Italian Anschluss. The war in Albania (1939-1945) “by Bernd Fischer, is a synthesis of six years are crucial for the history Albanian and Italian. The book takes as its starting his Italian occupation of the” Land of Eagles “, an operation intended to segnare.clicca here

    * Painting
    a new theme in the work of painter Ormira Lulani, naked women. A topic dealt with by almost all the painters but expressed with a different concept and in its original style …. click here

    * “Three songs funeral for Kosovo”, Ismail Kadare ‘, three stories in 108 pages
    Publishing: TEA (2003) On 28 June 1989 the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic unleashed the nationalist offensive against the Kosovo Albanians. From that day began the dissolution of Yugoslavia. But the choice of that date was not random here …



    * Music
    The Opera “Evminidha” of Albanian composer Vasil Tole will be ‘performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics to ATHENS – Greece, August 2004 … click here

    * Fresh print:
    The book highly successful “24 emperors Albanians to drive Rome” by Alban Kraja. Journalist, writer, political published, in addition to this book in its third edition, also: “Kosovo, the soppravivenza of a people”, “Skanderbeg – The campaign of Italy” and it ‘about to leave his new book ” Iliria, Arberia, Albania “click here …
    * Books of the authors Albanians
    Publisher: Longanesi. (2002) “The bridge to three arches” – Ismail Kadare ‘, novel
    … We are in 1377. The fake epileptic crisis that takes a poor, Gielosh the idiot, on the banks of the river cursed, Uyana, originator of the construction of the first stone bridge in Albania here ..
    * Books:
    “History of Albania” – Nuncio dell’Erba – Pocket Cheap Newton, 100 pages. Historical of Albania, analysis of socio-economic crisis the company ‘Albanian in the 90s, the historical process here …

    * Editrice “Corbaccio” adds in its series “Writers from all over the world,” the success of the novel by Albanian writer Ismail Kadaré
    “The general dell’armata dead” … click here
    * Ismail Kadare ‘and’ Born in 1936 in the south of Albania. Narrator, Poet and literary critic, more ‘times Candidate Nobel Prize. Among his many novels, published in Italy: General dell’armata dead, Who has reported Doruntina?, The City ‘Stone, The Palace of Dreams, The Drums of rain … click here

    * Concerts singers of Albanians in Italy:
    Calendar Tour Hysni (Niko) Zela) & Fanfara Tirana … click here

    * IRMA LIBOHOVA Turne of Concerts in Italy

    24 April 2004 concert in Rimini – for info … click here
    25 April 2004 concert in Pesaro – for info … click here

    * April 10, 2004
    It was innaugurata at 17:00, w / or Limonaia of Villa Strozzi in Florence:
    Exhibition of Painting Masters Silvio Loffredo and Artan Shabani, will present the artisti.Presentazione criticism by Prof.. Domenico Pugliese.Presenziera Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Rome SE Prof.. Pellumb Xhufi. Click here

    * April 3, 2004 – The artist Artan Shabani sets: in Italy, Cherasco – Palazzo Salmatoris (April 3 to 25) …. here

    * March 30, 2004 – The artist Artan Shabani sets: in France, Strasbourg the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (March 30 to April 25) and other current exhibitions here ….

    * March 20, 2004
    At the ninth anniversary of the birth of ILIRIA – Rimini was’ held on March 20, 2004 hours from 14:30 a conference theme: the importance of culture in the process of integration among peoples during the conference were carried out also work on the birth of the first “National League of associations and arberesh Albanians in Italy”. Present the presidents of associations of Albanians and Arberesh … (click here)

    * March 17, 2004-Vatican – The work of the young painter Albanian talent and success, Artan Shabani “Mother Teresa” and ‘was given to Pope John Paul II. In the ceremony of delivery of the artist was accompanied dall’Ambasciatore the Republic of Albania in Rome Albanian Rome prof.Pellumb Xhufi … (click here)

    * March 8
    Lek Pervizi and its activities’ artistic …. click here

    * February 15
    Under a draft Italian-Albanian front of the Theater “Migjeni” of Shkoder (Scutari), Albania, were planted in the new pine trees. On each and ‘was carved the name of un’attore … click here


    * December 14-January 6

    EXPO 25th National Review (Italy) Format Piccolo – painting – sculpture – graphics
    Center of Art and Culture Piovese. Join the review Alberto Saka
    * December 12
    SKANDERBEG – The campaign ITALY
    the new book’s historical Alban Kraja (click here).
    * December 11
    The associations of Prov. Rimini Pesaro-Urbino and the Circle Skenderbeg organizzanoUNA GREAT EVENING
    with the participation of the extraordinary troupe of artists Scutari (click here)
    * December 3
    CD with songs of Arberesh of South (click here)
    * 1 to 7 December 2003
    The International Festival of Short Films in Albania (click here)
    * November 29
    ASSOCIATIONS of Prov. Rimini and Pesaro-UrbinoORGANIZZANO for independence Albanian great evening
    With the participation of extraordinary singers and humorists: Porto channel Riccione (click here)
    * November 29
    In newsstand these days the new book’s historical Alban Kraja (click here).
    * November 20
    In Exhibition in Paris from November 20 to December 5 to Galeri Racine, 35 works of painters Albanians: Artan Shabani, Ervin Hatibi, Adrian Dinners
    * THE VOTE TO IMMIGRANTS? Born in RIMINI (click here)
    * 15 to 23 November “I Pinocchio” Inauguration: November 15, 2003 17:00. Join the artist Albanian: Milot
    * October 21 “MARATHON OF PEOPLES” (click here)
    * November 8 to 20 – Show staff – Alberto Saka “Works of SAKA”
    * October 31
    Great Concert at the beatification of Mother Teresa European Association Students Albanians
    19:00 hours – Theatre “Orion” – Rome Guests of honor: Drita Haxhiraj actress, singer Ferdinand Bjanku
    * October 24
    GJAKOVE – Expo staff painter Alban Meka

    * October 19, “Marathon of Peoples” – 21 km (click here)

    * September 10, PERSONALITY ‘
    Nermin Vlora Falaschi – The woman who has dedicated his entire life to Albania and the Albanian cause (click here)
    * September 4, Expo Staff Alfred Miloti Mirash – Napoli (Italy) (click here)

    * 6 to 26 June, Praxis Gallery, Toronto (Canada) held
    7th Annual Juried Exhibition, with the theme “Landscape-The Lasting Inspiration”(click here)
    * 5 to 23 June Palazzo Serbelloni – Milan (Italy) Expo Staff of the painter Artan Shabani (click here)
    * May 6 – 12 September, all ‘University’ Bocconi University, Milan (Italy) Expo collective “John painters Albanians” (click here)
    * Virtual Gallery, “Art and War”, the guest artist Ormira Lulanaj (click here)


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