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    Albania is a secure country for investments

    Posted by franksupa on October 22, 2008

    TIRANA, Oct 22. (ATA). “Albania is a secure country for investments and government is determined to contributing for success of the business”, stressed on Tuesday Premier Sali Berisha, at the opening of the German-Albanian economic conference “Market perspectives in Albania. Energy – Environment – Construction”, which is holding its proceedings in Hotel Tirana International, with the participation of 80 German entrepreneurs.

    Considering excellent the economic relations between two countries, Premier Berisha emphasized that Germans funds amount to 800 million euro, since 1998.

    Expressing gratitude to German government and Chancellor Merkel for help given to development of our country, PM Berisha stressed, “German economic aid has been extraordinary in all fields and it has given a great contribution in transformation of Albania”.

    The Premier added that the inauguration of big number of German investors projects is a testimony of the real success of German business in Albania”. In this framework, PM Berisha also mentioned the extraordinary important projects of southern energy ring.

    Premier Berisha added that Albanian government has made great efforts for facilitation of fiscal burden and reduction of taxes, whereas the annual incomes have increased”.

    Among other things, he said, “every year, we have sent in parliament a supplementary budget, whereas in the last three months, the government has collected 3.2 billion dollars more than the three previous years”.

    Regarding corruption, Premier Berisha said, “in international reports, Albania ranks among the top 10 countries that have fought corruption”, but, he added, “corruption is like cancer, it has to be fought every day”.

    According to head of government, “Albania is a small country in the map, but a country with great potentials. Albania has an incomparable tourist potential, “Switzerland with sea”, whereas mountains are waiting for investments to turn Albania into the most attractive Alps for mountainous tourism”.

    Considering the Albanian economy as new and dynamic, Premier Berisha said that Albanian exports “Made in Albania” have increased by 42 %, annual inflation amounts to 2.7 %, whereas economic growth for first six month period is 11 %.

    Referring to international crisis, Prmeeir Berisha said, “we are not detached from the universe, but I can say that banking system is stabilized”.

    In his address, Premier Berisha focused on the criminality indicators, declaring that they are lower than the average of European Union countries”.

    Whereas, Parliamentary State Secretary in Federal Ministry of Economy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Hartmut Schauerte stressed that economic conference is a testimony of the great interest of German investors in Albania and result of admirable progress of Albania, as well as consolidation of legal framework of Albanian economy, which is evident in last years.

    Making evident the fact that German economic assistance is the highest per capita for Albania, Schauerte stressed that this has come as a result of tangible development of Albania and implementation of reforms against organized crime and corruption, as well as support of Albania government for foreign investments.

    Schauerte said that this testifies that financial assistance for Albania has been fully merited. He stressed that there is a great interest of German investors to invest in Albania in the field of thermal energy generation, urban wastes processing according to EU standards, etc.

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