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    The music helps children of asylum in Albania

    Posted by franksupa on September 4, 2008

    The music helps children of asylum Breglumasi in Albania.

    Thursday, April 24 at 20.30 in Rome in the Church of St. Paul within the Walls, Via Nazionale, the Musical Euphonium Association will hold a concert, with music by Claudio Merulo and Pier Paolo Cascioli, to support asylum Breglumasi, one of the neighborhoods on the outskirts of Tirana in Albania. The event Roman received the patronage of the Senate of the Republic.
    The neighborhood of Breglumasi, arose as a result of internal migration of population, began after the collapse of the regime of the early 90s, so irregular and disorderly. This has resulted in difficult living conditions characterized by widespread forms of poverty, unemployment and crime, mainly because of lack of social services and, more generally, for lack of opportunities to the detriment of the social groups most at risk (children, young people and women). A Breglumasi, the VIS and the Salesians in 1994 have promoted the creation of a Social Centre, still the only multi-zone can offer the local community educational activities, educational, social and health care, cultural and recreational activities.
    Asylum will host over 200 children and contribute to the improvement of living conditions of local people and will offer, with a view to preventing and social recovery of children and risk, relevant and effective responses to the growing phenomena of child deviance characteristic of suburban areas Albanian capital.
    The evening organized by Musical Euphonium formed by young lovers of music and young musicians who care about the problems of peace and international cooperation and promotes the art and music among young people. In particular, pay attention to little-known artists, giving them the opportunity to become known by the general public.
    The programme provides for the concert the group Sonos Ensamble directed by Dario Paolini, organ, Carmine Carmine, Philharmonic Carmine Farmmilne, Euphonium, Luca Della Corte, ballet, artistic director Pier Paolo Cascioli.


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