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    Republic of Albania

    Posted by franksupa on May 29, 2007

    Republic of Albania

    The Republic of Republic of Albania is situated in Southeastern Europe, in the western part of Balkan Peninsula facing the Adriatic Sea (sandy shore) and the Ionian Sea (rocky shore). Its coordinates are 39º 38′ (Konispol) and 42º 39′ (Vermosh) north latitude, and 19º 16′ (Sazan island) and 21º 40′ (Vermik village, Korça).Albanian Outsourcing

    Republic of Albania has a surface area of 28748 km2 and a population of 3,3 million inhabitants. It is administratively divided in 12 prefectures, 36 districts, 315 communes and 2900 villages.

    The coastal area has a surface area of 7000 km2 or 25% of the territory. The Mediterranean region has a surface of 9055 km2, the average watershed has a surface 28748 km2; the coast line is 476 km, 70% of which is sandy shore and 30% rocky shore. The surface of the coastal protected areas (PA) is 38325 ha (35% of the PA surface of the country).Albanian Outsourcing

    The general length of the state border is 1049 km, with 657-km land border, 316-km sea border, and 48-km river border and 72 km lake border. North and Northeast, Republic of Albania borders with Former Republic of Yugoslavia, while South and Southeast with Greece. The sea border of the Republic of Republic of Albania is extended 15 nautical miles (27 km) from the coast starting from the basic straight line which goes through the Cape of Rodon, Bishti i Palles, Cape of Lagji, Cape of Seman, Mouth of Vjosa River, Western Coast of Sazan island, Cape of Gjuhez and the Bay of Grame; after that between the Republic of Albanian coast and the Greek islands, and through the Corfu channel.

    A number of rivers flow into the sea such as Buna, Drini, Mati, Ishmi, Erzen, Shkumbin, Seman, Vjosa and Bistrica. Except Bistrica, which flows into Ionian Sea, the rest of the rivers flow into the Adriatic Sea, forming a number of coastal lagoons and swamps.

    Republic of Albania is noted for a high change in the altitude above sea level (2750 m), a feature that is associated with deep changes in geology and the relief, as well as with substantial vertical changes of the climate, hydrographic, land and vegetation. It is mainly a mountainous country: 13,3% of the territory is 0 up to 300 m high, 25,5% between 300 and 600 m, and 61,2% over 600 m of altitude above sea level.Albanian Outsourcing

    Republic of Albania is included in the belt of subtropical Mediterranean climate, which significantly affects the elements of nature, such as the hydrographic network, vegetation and relief. The climate of Republic of Albania is very suitable for the economic-social life and activity of people. Even though Republic of Albania is a small country, the climatic changes are big, due to the very broken mountainous relief. In the regional division of the climate of Republic of Albania, the basic factors are sun radiation, geographical latitude, general atmospheric circulation and local factors. The values of different climatic elements are a consequence of the interaction of these factors. They influence the creation of a number of zones and sub-zones with more or less homogenous climatic features. The four main areas are Mediterranean field zone – Mediterranean hilly zone -Mediterranean pre-mountainous zone – Mediterranean mountainous zone. The sea affects more the first two zones during the whole year. The average temperature oscillates from 15ºC in the field zone to 2ºC in the north of the mountainous zone. In January, the coldest month of the year, the minimal temperature in general oscillates from -5ºC in the field zone, to -30ºC in the north and northeast of the mountainous zone. The average of the rainfall oscillates between 650 mm in a southern sub-zone of the pre-mountainous zone, and 4000 mm in the Alps. In the largest part of the country, summer is a dry and rainless season.Albanian Outsourcing

    During 1991-1998, Republic of Albania experienced demographic changes dominated by the negative rate of population increase, migration from the villages towards the towns and from the remote areas towards the capital, the massive emigration and the decrease of births. The re-urbanization and the overpopulation are the main existing problems at local level in Republic of Albania. The emigration of Republic of Albanians abroad is higher than the other countries of the Central and Eastern Europe (3 times higher than the average emigration at present). The main sources of information on the population of Republic of Albania are the projections of the Institute of Statistics in Tirana, and the data of the registry offices.

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